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Three Common Stains That Appear On Concrete Surfaces

A common problem that you may encounter as a residential or commercial property owner is concrete staining. While concrete stains do not cause problems to your properties structure, they can significantly damage your exterior surfaces, and lower your home's overall value and appeal. If you discover harsh blemishes on your concrete surfaces, it is essential to remove them immediately. Failure to do so could leave your home with lifelong scars and impressions that even the best pressure washing services won't be able to remove.

As a property owner, it is helpful to understand the common stains that can occur on your concrete surfaces, so you can quickly identify them, take action, and prevent them from decreasing the charm of your home.

That said, we will explore three common stains that regularly appear on concrete surfaces and are removable through pressure washing.

Oil Stains

Oil is one of the most common stains that you will find on your concrete surfaces, and you will most likely notice them near your garage or locate them near your concrete driveway. Oil can sometimes leak from cars and lawnmowers and can cause a lot of damage to your patio, sidewalk, and driveway. They are a potential slip and fall hazard, so it is best to clean small spills as soon as they occur. If you happen to notice dry stains a little after the spill occurs, it would be best to get that area cleaned by a professional pressure washing service ASAP.

Paint Stains

Painting projects are bound to get messy and leave stains on many exterior coverings. However, paint stains are easy to handle and do not always require a chemical solution to perform a clean removal. As you are working on your outside project, remember to throw down a protective floor covering to catch paint drops. It would also be beneficial to work in sections to avoid splattering paint onto various parts of your home. However, even if you end up getting paint stains on your property, don't worry! Pressure washers can easily strip away paint stains and return concrete to their original condition.

Rust Stains

Rust stains are challenging to remove from concrete surfaces and can appear due to increased moisture and oxidation, battery acid, fertilizer, and outside metal surfaces. With the proper tools and rust stain removal experience, however, the right team can restore the beauty of your driveway and concrete in no time. Rust is a stubborn stain that thrives in humid areas, such as McDonough, GA. It may quickly return to your surfaces if it's not thoroughly cleaned.

During your time as a residential and commercial property owner in the McDonough and surrounding areas, you will deal with a variety of stains that want to embed themselves onto your concrete floors. However, being able to identify and understand the surface stains you are dealing with will leave you with less of a headache when it comes to removing and returning your home to its proper condition.

Do you need to remove stains from your commercial or residential property in Henry County and surrounding counties? Aqua Power Spray is happy to assist you! Contact us at 678-284-8832 to receive your free quote today!

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